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  • The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45
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  • 04 December 2020
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Free download The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45 107 Nd World War to a combat hardened army of than 500000 in 1945 George H Stein examines in detail the structure and organization of the Waffen SS and describes the rigid personnel s. Very interesting book about the armed units of SS This is a serious research into Waffen SS origins development and demise but it reads like a novelWithout going into details would not like to spoil anything to future readers I can only say that author gives a very objective picture of Waffen SS it s organization role within SS in general their operations and gives an answer to the uestion if Waffen SS was also part of ghastly Nazi crimes committed during WW2 no matter their achievements on the battlefield Waffen SS was and remained til the end armed unit of Nazi party and as such took part in the aforementioned crimesGreat book that also sheds some light on dangers of mixing armed units with political agendas parties and worst case making them loyal solely to dictatorsHighly recommended

Free read The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45

Free download The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45 107 Election and intensive physical military and ideological training that helped to create the tough and dedicated cadre around which the larger force of the later war years was buil. Expertly researched and fascinating throughout also recommend Soldiers of destruction

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Free download The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45 107 This landmark study first published by Cornell University Press in 1966 shows how Hitler's elite army grew from a praetorian guard of barely 28000 men at the beginning of the Seco. Waffen SS Hitler s Elite Guard at War 1939 1945 by George H Stein is a fabulous work of historical literature Many an author popular and academic has tackled the topic of the SS and Waffen SS but very few have done so in an objective fashion like Stein Far too many presentations of the Waffen SS have been from apologist and revisionist authors who fail to recognize andor admit the complicity of portions of the Waffen SS in the atrocities committed in the name of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler At the other end of the spectrum are those authors again large in number who simply paint ALL that served in the Waffen SS with broad strokes of guilt Stein captures a story that falls between the extremes and thus is realistic and truthful and thus historically accurate with clear lack of hystericsStein focuses on the development and overarching themes rather than focusing on individual battles that the SS took part in This in no way detracts from the book instead it gives the reader a deeper understanding of the difficulties and obstacles that surrounded the formation of this formation as well as shows some of the reasons for its successes on the battlefieldWaffen SS begins with a historical perspective on the establishment of the SS initially the Allgemeine General SS and formation of the earliest incarnations of the armed SS initially from the units such as the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Hitler s Chancellery Guard and the SS Totenkopfverbande Death s Head Units early concentration camp guards to organization of the Waffen SS as war approached This presentation provides considerable information that allows the reader to connect or disconnect as appropriate various components of Himmler s greater SS This is critical to the process of a reader drawing objective conclusions about guilt of the Waffen SS in non combatant war crimesStein then spends considerable time discussing the military exploits of the Waffen SS both early and oft strained integration into the Wehrmacht during the initial phases of the war up to the defeat of France and the AEF as well as their later fierce and destructive battles fought east across the Soviet Union and their return west in defense Stein s prose does not fail to convey a picture of a fanatical and determined fighting force Clearly the Waffen SS especially the early incarnations that were still volunteer and elite was an accomplished army Stein also discusses how the elite Waffen SS was in later years of the war converted through conscription mostly into a hodge podge of a force that often was worth very little and sometimes trouble than it was worthIn the third major section of Waffen SS the author presents a clear and concise without simply rehashing particular atrocities covered in depth elsewhere description of crimes that can be connected to the Waffen SS whether directly or indirectly While crimes can clearly be attributed to battle formations both combatant and non combatant related it is also clear from Stein s presentation that a majority of Waffen SS units were not likely involved in such events This is not to say that Stein presents an apologist view uite to the contrary he presents an honest assessment of guilt the Waffen SS was guilty but it is unfair to claim all units were simply butchers Yet eually unfair would be a claim that the Waffen SS was simply an army free of guilt When it comes to connections between the Waffen SS and the holocaust the story is one mostly of semantics As Stein points out it is beyond doubt that the SS represented the system by which Hitler attempted and nearly succeeded to murder all of the European jews and other Untermensch subhumans It is also clear that many of the units involved were at least on paper part of the Waffen SS Moreover much of the concentration camp staff turn over was between the camps and the front lines Yet it is not at all clear that fighting units of the Waffen SS were directly involved in these acts Thus it becomes an issue of semantics because it depends upon how one defines Waffen SS Again this is not to say that Stein presents an apologist view or one of strict and total condemnation In fact Stein presents a picture in which the facts are presented and the reader is free to define the culprits for themselvesIn the final section Stein gives a very concise and extremely well written summary This section itself is worth the price of the book I cannot recommend this book highly enough Stein is liberal in his use of sources and yet it also becomes clear that Gerald Reitlinger s SS Alibi of a Nation is one he favors and must feel captures much of the story of the SS although not in the concise manner in which Stein sets out to do as he states right up front