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  • 16 May 2018
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Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Catriana Sommers Destined Arcanus #1 review Ì 104 Catriana Sommers ô 4 review Oes too far and through that finally learns what should be truly important to him The oath they make that day is what seals their already unbreakable bond and the two grow older and wiser together For no matter what happens no matter what they face even if it's their own kin they live by their promise It was us from the beginning and it'll be us until the end Content concerns This book contains near rape uestionable consent and moderate violen. This book was okay The author I felt has a lot of potential and I look forward to her future works This book however is not something I would seriously recommend The pace is really too fast There s not enough time to get involved with the characters and I found myself never really caring too much about their romance Secondary characters entered and left the stage way to uickly for them to have any meaningful impact upon me I felt I was reading two distinct stories in the same book The first one ended half way through and the second one was the rest of the book Really there wasn t enough time to smell the roses much less stop and look at themThe second half of the book I felt that I was being alternatively lectured and pep talked at the same time It made for tedious reading I felt I could have just stopped and been just fine at the half way point Even the most significant event in the story hardly warranted much emotion or thought and was the whole point of the second

Summary Destined Arcanus #1

Destined Arcanus #1

Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Catriana Sommers Destined Arcanus #1 review Ì 104 Catriana Sommers ô 4 review Raised together Sarnaiel and Naliel are as close as brothers could be until the dark elf Sarnaiel decides he wants them to be something Only after he reveals his intentions does he learn of an arranged marriage that stands between them and their happiness Unable to stand the idea of the one he loves with another he vanishes leaving Naliel aloneor so he thought But someone has been watching the young half elf from the shadows and without Sarnai. 35 starsSo I had this really awesome and yes long review already written but wouldn t you know I accidentally refreshed the page and poof No review sighAnyways the blurb is pretty detailed on what happens in the story Almost exactly in fact I m actually glad I didn t read the blurb before I started the book or else I might have been annoyed with that Either way I think this book would have benefited better if it were separated into two books instead of just one The first book possibly about Sarna and Nal finally pursuing a relationship and the injury Nal obtains and how he copes with that The second book I felt should have been about the arranged marriage Nal went through because of his sense of duty and the toll it takes on Nal and Sarna as well as anything that happened during Nal s time in marriage and afterward As it was everything is just in one book and because of that I felt like the story wasn t as complete as I would have liked it to be especially since it

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Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Catriana Sommers Destined Arcanus #1 review Ì 104 Catriana Sommers ô 4 review El's presence he makes his move in the most brutal of ways Naliel survives but his mind and body are broken Sarnaiel returns to pick up the pieces mending and nurturing and rebuilding their bond but once again their relationship is thwarted by the birth of Naliel's bride Once the source of his greatest joy Sarnaiel becomes Naliel's torment For Sarnaiel when hurt strikes back twice as hard and viciously It doesn’t matter who it is He almost g. This isn t a formal review but I hate rating books 1 star I m usually pretty forgiving and easy to please I really wanted to explain why I felt this way about this book and why for me it was an abysmal read I only finished it because I had received the paperback as a gift and wanted to honor the giver for his thoughtfulnessNaliel is a very unlikable character He is passive to the point where he hurts other people He s in an arranged betrothal that he states many times he could get out of but never even attempts to change the course of his fate even though he s supposedly in love with his step brother Sarnaiel view spoiler He never fights for anything in his life and the ONLY reason he ends up with Sarnaiel is because other people s actions eventually allow it to happen That s right He NEVER makes a stand for Sarnaiel He even goes as far as to break up with Sarnaiel because his betrothed is BORN in the human lands 17 YEARS before his marriage hide spoiler