A Forbidden Seduction (PDF)

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  • A Forbidden Seduction
  • Sara Wood
  • English
  • 05 July 2020
  • 9780373119523

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A Forbidden Seduction Download × 104 Flowing between them She was vulnerable; she was under the disapproving glare of the Colleoni family; this seduction was foolish taboo andwildy irresistib. I stopped at about page 125 Some of these older 1997 HPs contain silly almost gothic like themes I like the rolic of a good emotional love story but I am not a nitwit and I think you would have to be one to finish this tripe

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A Forbidden Seduction Download × 104 Passion in RebellionThe Colleoni family was bad news for Debbie Her marriage to their son had turned out to be no marriage at all Now she was alone and fig. Re Forbidden Seduction Sara Wood brings us yet another overwrought emo drama of a bookI am cranky and I can t stand Sara Wood so this is going to be a very pithy spoilerization because all of the wailing and moaning this emo drama h did DROVE ME NUTS I have no patience for itThere is a plot and SW does do some coherency so it isn t uite as depressing as her last three HP outings For the most part the H and h are decent people it is just the secondary characters in this that all need to die by toilet seats to the head so please keep my bias in mind if you consider this HP outingThe h is a poor East End working girl who is running a little sandwich delivery shop with her mother She is married to a philandering no good Italian and she meets the H when she goes to his office to deliver lunchDrama happens in every increasing SW hysterical amounts and the upshot of it all is this The h is married to a bigami

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A Forbidden Seduction Download × 104 Hting for her child's inheritance with his commanding and charismatic half brother Luciano Obviously she couldn't trust him but a passionate attraction was. This was kinda different The heroine gets fooled into a bogus marriage by a sociopathic Sicilian and finds out from his brother that he was already married since he was nineteen It turns out his wife has been sabotaging Debbie and her mom s sandwich business to get revenge Debbie finds all this out from a coincidence when Luciano buys the bank where she delivers sandwiches through a service contract I liked that Debbie really was a working class girl I can imagine her with an East Enders accent It was a matter of suspending belief that she truly had gotten fooled into a bogus marriage and it didn t come up I don t know how easy it is for a foreigner to get married in England when he s already married I m guessing you couldn t do that very easily in the United States using your real name I ll allow that this was possible for the purposes of the story I feel that Debbie got over being betrayed and made i