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  • Hardcover
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  • The Giant Hug
  • Sandra Horning
  • English
  • 11 January 2020
  • 9780375824777

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The Giant Hug Summary × 104 Es awkward always heartfelt embraces between animals of different shapes and sizes Valeri Gorbachev’s adorable artwork pairs beautifully with Sandra Horning’s ch. This is so darn cute A boy wants to send a REAL hug to his grandmother through the mail So as the envelope makes its way through the various stages in the system the hug is transferred from person to person Each hug brightens someone s day Great concept charming illustrations

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The Giant Hug Summary × 104 How do you give your granny a hug when she lives far away Send it through the mail of course Owen’s hug travels across the country in a series of hilarious sometim. I loved this book Pig sends his Grandma a hug through the mail for her birthday Throughout the story it shows the hug being passed along When Grandma gets it guess what she sends back A kiss At the end of the story you see pig with red lip stick on his cheek The storyline in this book was charming and sweet I liked how the story talked about the process of how mail is sent Teacher and parents could read this story to their child before letting a child write a letter

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The Giant Hug Summary × 104 Arming text and makes for a fun funny and educational read aloud An unexpected twist at the end will delight readers and have kids asking for this book again and aga. Hmmm This is a super adorable story about a little boy who wants to send his grandmother a hug through the mail Not only does it mean the hug gets to pass to so many different people and brighten their days but it also shows the reader how many different individuals it takes to get a letter from one place to another So then why did it make me slightly uncomfortableI think in this day and age I just see some red flags when coworkers are forced to hug each other It s an adorable book and I m ALL about hugging which is why I picked it up But one character seemed to not particularly like hugs and had to be hugged and hug back in return and I m not sure I m okay with that kind of forced hug on a professional level To the writer s credit the postal workers did announce first the reason for the hug before the hug took place And it was cute that the hug brought out some feelings that two coworkers had for each other It s an innocent little children s book and a harmless hug But it still made me a little uneasy especially at the end when the grandmother sends back a kiss As far as a children s book goes it was absolutely adorable though I didn t expect to feel so uncomfortable Because hugs are the best